November 24, 2023

Improvements and fixes

November 17, 2023 take-off take-off

In order to work as effective recurring revenue drivers, subscription experiences need to be tailored to specific stores and specific audiences. Being one of the most feature-rich subscription apps on the market, Juo givers merchants virtually endless possibilities as to the type, range, and complexity of the subscription experiences they can create.

We’re launching Moonshot Store (a.k.a. Juo demo store) to give merchants a better idea of how these different subscription experiences can work and behave when implemented, as well as give them the possibility to test them live on an actual, working store.

Using the Moonshot’s extraterrestrial inventory and setup as a substitute for their own, merchants can navigate between the available products, learn more about subscription offers, and proceed to checkout, having relevant discounts and benefits applied. For example, they can add different products to their cart in subscription, or add products one-time and then subscribe the entire cart. They can create their own subscription boxes, and multi-variant boxes, and see how the Box Booster’s incentives work. Or, they can learn about the Moonshot membership program or Moonshot subscription program through a dedicated landing page.

Apart from live-previewing and testing the features, Moonshot also intends to serve as an inspiration for merchants who are already selling subscriptions or want to launch a subscription program in their stores, providing ideas, examples, and guidance for their own implementation.

Moonshot is now available from the Juo Subscriptions listing page on the Shopify App Store and will be expanded with new experiences in line with new Juo features.

Improvements and fixes

November 10, 2023

New pricing including Pro plan

New pricing including Pro plan

After the official Juo launch on Shopify App Store, new merchants have been able to self-onboard and self-serve under one-fits-all, early adopter pricing. Since then, we’ve started launching limited-access Pro features, aimed at subscription-savvy merchants who want to create advanced subscription experiences, like dynamic product swapping, contextual upsells to subscriptions, or personalized notifications with total flexibility and automation.

Following these new additions, we’re now launching a Pro pricing plan that contains all the recently launched advanced features, as well as additional retention, AOV boosting, and analytics tools, aimed at subscription-first merchants. Launching or upgrading to the Pro plan, they can further optimize and customize their current subscription offering with advanced workflows using personalized SMS notifications, intro and replenishment offers, or conditional, dynamic product swapping.

Alongside the Pro plan, we’re now offering the Standard plan which contains out-of-the-box, customizable subscription widgets and easy-to-set-up subscription enablers that can be launched within minutes without any extra assistance.

The two pricing plans are now available both in the Shopify App Store and in the app, so merchants getting started with Juo or looking to upgrade their current plan, can easily test / preview the available subscription features and switch to a higher plan once their subscription needs grow.

The current plan can be viewed and managed in the Settings tab, under Manage billing plan.

Improvements and fixes

November 3, 2023

New feature: Billing cycles limit

Billing cycles limit

Both prepaid subscriptions and subscription gifts can help merchants boost their new subscriber acquisition while significantly reducing CAC, especially in the holiday season.

We’re launching Billing cycles limit to help merchants combine their prepaids, custom boxes, and dynamic boxes with fixed-length subscriptions that will automatically stop after a set number of renewals. This means more effective subscriber acquisition for merchants and better experience for the customers who are looking for giftboxes or time-limited prepaids. Instead of subscribing indefinitely upfront, these customers can now choose to only pay for a number of orders in a subscription they want to give as a gift and have that subscription automatically put on hold after the renewal limit has been reached.

Soon, it will also be able for merchants to let customers reactivate their existing prepaid subscriptions or boxes after they’ve been put on hold, by giving them an option to either prolong the subscription for another period or even subscribe indefinitely.

The feature is available for all merchants by default and can be set up under Subscribe & save > Selling plans > Additional options on both the regular and Pro plans.

Improvements and fixes

October 27, 2023

Improvements and fixes

October 20, 2023

Multi-variant box management

Multi-variant box management

Subscription contracts with multiple items, such as custom or curated boxes, may be more difficult for merchants to retain, if not backed up by flexible management. Letting subscribers to create and adjust their existing box orders with ease is known to facilitate both new customer acquisition and current subscriber retention.

With today’s update, we enable multi-variant support for managing custom and curated boxes. This customer-requested feature makes it possible for merchants to provide an even more flexible box building and management experience to their customers on the product page storefront and in the Customer Portal. Thanks to enhanced inventory management support, customers building their custom boxes can now add two or more variants of the same product to the box and receive volume discounts based on the number of variants added.

What is more, customers who have already purchased their custom boxes will now also be able to exchange their content with no obstacles, switching to different products or variants even more flexibly in the Customer Portal. This means not only easy swapping from one variant to another, but also adding and keeping multiple variants in an existing single-variant box.

Multi-variant box management will be available in Juo starting from this week and will be enabled by default for all merchants who offer custom boxes in their stores.

Improvements and fixes

October 13, 2023

TYP/OSP extension for subscription orders

TYP/OSP extension

Shopify’s Checkout Extensibility will be expanding this month, letting merchants customize Thank you and Order status pages on top of Checkout and Shop Pay with dedicated apps and extensions. For subscription merchants, this presents another opportunity to simplify subscription management for the existing subscribers, increase AOV, and even convert one-time purchases to subscriptions.

Leveraging the Checkout UI Extension and Shopify Functions, we’re now making it possible for merchants to display additional subscription information on their Thank you and Order status pages, post-purchase. All subscription orders will now feature a list of subscription products ordered with their quantities, along with delivery frequencies, billing date, and the next scheduled renewal. On top of that, subscribers will also be able to switch to managing their subscriptions easily from the Thank you and Order status page, using the Manage subscription button in the subscription summary section.

Soon, it will also be possible to display related products and let customers upsell to subscription from the TYP/OSP pages. The additional subscription details and the upsell functionality will be available for both Standard and Plus merchants once Shopify makes the extensions officially available.

Improvements and fixes

October 6, 2023

Juo Docs

Juo Docs

Feature-rich subscription apps offer more value and sustainability with a much better initial experience if they’re accompanied by suitable documentation. Merchants who onboard into a new subscription platform are able to use the documentation to set up their subscription offers on the spot, without too extensive external support.

Following the official Juo launch on the Shopify App Store, we’re now launching Juo Docs to encourage new merchants in Juo to self-serve and take full ownership of their subscription setup, from storefront integration, through customizations, to (re-)launching and managing their subscription plans.

The Docs feature a series of how-to guides that make the onboarding process easier for new merchants and ensure they can have their subscription plans set up to their preferences within minutes. Merchants getting started with subscriptions can also reference the guides to better understand what kinds of subscriptions they can offer in their stores with Juo. Or, they can also check out Juo’s subscription glossary and get familiar with subscription-related concepts, their meanings, and practical applications for their stores.

Tech-wise, we built a custom solution which checks all the boxes for us. We use Strapi as a headless CMS for content creation and management, Astro for static rendering of the pages, and Pagefind for static search. As with the app, we like to take care of all the details ourselves.

Soon, the Docs will also include developers’ documentation, including the API, so that more complex / custom integrations and implementations for larger stores can also be handled on the merchants’ side. The Docs will also be expanded to cover the most recent and upcoming features in the app.

Improvements and fixes

September 29, 2023

Improvements and fixes

September 22, 2023

Activity log

Activity log

Running a subscription-first business requires merchants to keep track of the ongoing subscription activity in their stores — from new purchases and renewals, through payment and order processing, to changes and reschedules made by subscribers. Juggling multiple subscription contracts and subscriber adjustments calls for a real-time, organized record of all subscription events.

This week, we’re launching Activity log to give merchants full visibility into their subscription usage and billing activity in a separate view, without the need to work across multiple subscription offers and contracts independently.

Using the log, merchants can get a quick, real-time overview of all subscription-related events in their stores, such as purchase, renewal, payment, order reschedule, item change, or any other modification. They can also zoom in on a specific event and find out the exact date and time, the trigger, and all the details of what exactly was modified.

Currently, merchants can use a date filter to narrow down to a specific day or days they want to look at more closely. Soon, they’ll also be able to filter and export log data to find and analyze the behaviors of individual subscribers and the performance of their selling plans as a whole.

Activity log is enabled for all merchants by default. It can be accessed from the app menu or through a link in the Recent activity section on the Dashboard.

Improvements and fixes

September 15, 2023

Adding SMS notifications

SMS notifications

Building subscriber loyalty and engagement depends on regular and ongoing communication between the brand and its audience. Merchants who want to develop closer relationships with their existing subscribers, as well as attract new ones, are more likely to prioritize direct and personal communication channels, like text notifications, or social media.

We’re adding SMS notifications as a new communication channel that allows merchants to reach their subscribers directly with more targeted, point-in-time messaging. Using SMS notifications, merchants can schedule their subscription renewal messages to send out automatically to subscribers at key steps in their subscription journey. Sent at the right moment, these messages increase engagement and management ease, especially for loyal, long-term subscribers.

To account for various subscription offers and subscriber audiences, each merchant can flexibly adjust the content of their notifications. They can also use smart Juo shortcodes to dynamically tailor parts of the message, like time to renewal or login link, to individual subscribers. Subscribers following the link will be able to make last-minute changes in their subscriptions conveniently, without switching context.

SMS notifications are currently a PRO feature that is enabled on request. Early adopters and merchants on the PRO pricing plan can request access and set up the notifications under Settings > Notifications > SMS.

Improvements and fixes

September 08, 2023

New feature: Fixed fulfillment day

Fixed fulfillment day

As subscriptions become more widespread in ecom, so do next-gen subscription models, like boxes or memberships. Unlike basic subscriptions, which can be billed and sent to each customer on the spot, boxes and memberships are more easily managed and provide a better subscriber experience if they’re sent or enabled on a fixed schedule.

Our new feature, Fixed fulfillment, helps merchants streamline their order fulfillment for better inventory and subscriber experience management. Using this new feature, merchants can set up their boxes, memberships, and traditional subscriptions to be billed and fulfilled always on the same day of the month, so they can handle all the shipments simultaneously.

In order to synchronize inventory restocks with shipments, merchants can also add a buffer period before the planned fulfillment day. Orders placed within the buffer period will be rescheduled to a later date. They can also set separate treatment of the first orders in a subscription — and send them as they come, or wait for the next scheduled fulfillment day. These two options ensure they’ll have enough time to always process the order before the planned fulfillment and that their customers won’t double order on their subscription.

Fixed fulfillment can be set individually for each subscription plan, so different frequencies or different types of subscriptions can be scheduled for different days of the month, giving merchants more control over their inventory flow.

To set up Fixed fulfillment, go to Selling plans > Advanced settings > Fixed fulfillment day.

Improvements and fixes

September 01, 2023

Improvements and fixes

August 25, 2023

Introducing Build-a-box Booster

Box Booster

Subscription boxes have taken ecommerce by storm as a fun and fresh way for customers to pick and subscribe to their favorite products. Variety and convenience, as well as cost savings these boxes provide make them very effective in increasing AOV and LTV for the brands offering them in their stores.

Yet, custom box builders are still a new thing, so they’re not free from some shortcomings for both merchants and customers. E.g., to enable box building, merchants need to use a dedicated “Build your box” page that has to be added to their store theme. This page only allows customers to select from a limited subset of products and are not always discovered in their shopping journey. As a result, there are many customers who might be willing to buy a box, but end up not doing so.

We’re launching Box Booster today as an enhancement for Build-a-box. Box Booster provides an across-inventory, page-independent, convenient way for the customers to build their boxes while they’re browsing the store. Based on the Fogg Behavior Model, it follows the customer on a page and detects when they’ve added a box-eligible product to their order and are close to unlocking an additional incentive. It then displays a storefront-adjusted, clickable notification that prompts the customer to add more products to their current box and unlock an even bigger benefit. Basically, it lowers the effort required to perform the action and serves as a trigger.

Booster uses PerformanceObserver API to listen to cart changes and adjust the incentives to its content in real time. It also works with all Shopify themes, custom carts, or any 3rd party extensions.

Box Booster is enabled by adding a block in the Shopify theme customizer to the pages where merchants want it to appear. Incentive details, tiers, and eligible products can be set up in the Merchant Portal, under Build-a-box.

Improvements and fixes

August 18, 2023

Improvements and fixes

August 11, 2023

Customizable retention flow

Cancellation poll

Letting subscribers churn with no attempts to retain them is a huge missed opportunity for merchants. Not trying to understand why they want to cancel their subscription in the first place is another. With customizable, multipurpose retention flow, merchants can not only retain subscribers more effectively, but also collect valuable information in the process. Not to mention, custom flows with targeted incentives will always lead to higher retention and LTV.

Today, we’re adding new customization features to the retention flow to help merchants combine insight gathering with increased subscriber retention. Thanks to flexible incentive awards and survey logic, merchants can now suggest their own reasons for cancellation and decide which specific incentive should follow each reason. For example, they can offer extra discounts if the price is the main concern, or prompt to stay longer in return for additional feedback.

Soon, merchants will also be able to encourage product swaps with personalized product recommendations or suggest subscription cycle adjustments instead of cancelling. The new retention flow is available under Settings → Cancellation flow in the Merchant Portal — just check “Cancellation poll” to enable.

Improvements and fixes

August 4, 2023

Multi-property smart search

Zooming in on a group of subscriptions with selected attributes and isolating individual subscriptions for updates is key to streamlined subscription management and customer support, especially for merchants with larger subscriber volumes. As their subscriber bases continue to grow, merchants can no longer handle subscription management effectively without some degree of automation.

With today’s update, we’re giving merchants the ability to find and update subscriptions based on any of their attributes, such as ID, customer name, or email and adjust these subscriptions to their current needs and strategies. With multi-column smart search, merchants can filter out any subscriptions by status or length to only focus on subscribers who have recently purchased, need to update their payment method, or whose subscription is about to renew — making it possible to edit subscription cycle and content details selectively for subscribers.

Introduction of AI into the ecom space has now opened the door for more robust and targeted subscription management. With AI support, Juo merchants will soon be able to collectively adjust groups of subscriptions with a single change, add, or replace command applied to subscriptions with selected tags, properties, or even products.

Currently, single edits is available for all merchants, with bulk editing to be announced next.

Improvements and fixes

July 28, 2023

Improvements and fixes

July 21, 2023

Klaviyo integration

Juo Klaviyo integration

Running store-specific workflows, like dynamic boxes or replenishments, merchants also need targeted email flows that can trigger at key moments of subscriber journeys to boost recurring revenue, subscriber loyalty, and further reduce churn.

For targeted customer communication, Klaviyo is a go-to solution and so it was important for merchants to keep their subscriber communication under the same roof. Hence, Klaviyo integration has been the number one request since our official app launch in April.

Today, we introduce Juo + Klaviyo integration to allow merchants set up their own custom email flows in Klaviyo, alongside and fully linked to their subscription workflows in Juo. Thanks to that, merchants can now target subscribers with custom email flows, based on subscription-specific events and attributes, such as the number and type of the products in a subscription, next renewal date, or subscription length.

What’s more, merchants can also combine Juo email templates with their Klaviyo flows to handle payment and inventory-specific cases that would be hard to set up in Klaviyo, such as dunning flows or handling out-of-stock items.

Klaviyo integration will be available for all merchants starting from this week and can be activated with your API key in the app Settings, under Integrations → Klaviyo.

Improvements and fixes

July 14, 2023

Lossless migration CLI

Lossless migration

Onboarding new merchants who have offered subscriptions before is much more challenging than installing afresh. Each subscription contract in Shopify is linked to multiple other entities: products, subscribers, payment information, shipping details, subscription orders, etc. In other words, migrating from one platform to another is usually full of edge-cases and nuances.

Failing to migrate any part of the subscription ecosystem can lead to missed future orders, cancellations, or even losing current subscribers over the need to resubscribe or create a new customer account.

By our standards, there’s only one way to do it right: lossless migration. We’ve been working for some time on an auxiliary migration CLI, enabling 100% accurate, seamless migration of not only current, but also historical subscription data.

Currently, Juo makes it possible for merchants, no matter if they use Subscriptions API or not, to switch their subscription solution seamlessly, without losing any subscription contracts, or subscribers in the process.

With this week’s update, not only current but also legacy data, including subscription order history and key subscription events, will be transferred in migrations.

This means, new customers migrating to Juo will maintain their subscription order and data continuity, with Juo as a single source of truth as to how their subscriptions performed before and after migration. Subscribers will also see their past and present subscription information in the Customer Portal for smooth and uninterrupted (no action required) subscription experience.

Improvements and fixes

July 07, 2023



Lately we added Subscription Analytics to help merchants get insight into how their subscriptions have performed to date. Today, we’re adding Forecasts to let them look into the future of their subscription performance and adjust their inventory strategies in advance.

Forecast predictions are based on statistical analysis methods, which factor in variables such as differences in billing cycle lengths, subscriber base growth speed, actual and expected churn rates, as well as subscriber recovery ratio.

Subscription merchants typically combine a couple of revenue streams and distribution channels within a single store, so they need even more careful inventory and budget planning to cater for that. Being able to see how much demand for specific products they can expect, e.g. next month is key to avoid either under- or overstocking and the issues they entail.

Going to Subscription Analytics on the dashboard, merchants will now be able to see how their subscriptions are going to perform up to a month in advance in terms of revenue, retention, and active subscriptions. Using a date range selector, merchants can also narrow this down to a shorter period, like two weeks or a couple of days. They can also use a filter next to the revenue tab to switch between all orders, new subscriptions, or renewals.

And soon merchants will also be able to see similar predictions for other metrics, like their current subscriber retention, number of subscriptions, new subscribers and even the most popular products, leading to more organized and sustainable inventory management.

Adding products to existing subscriptions

Being able to add more items to existing subscriptions is a great way to delight subscribers and let them experiment (not to mention AOV). Up till now, only merchants were able to add products to subscriptions for their subscribers. Customer support-wise, it was far from ideal.

So, with this week’s update, also subscribers will be able to add new products to their existing subscriptions themselves, anytime, in the Customer Portal. To keep the add experience flexible, they will also be able to decide if they want to add a product permanently to their subscriptions, or just add it to the next order to give it a try first.

While adding new products, subscribers will also retain their existing loyalty benefits (like bulk or loyalty discounts), for a more subscription experience. This feature will be available by default for all Juo merchants starting from this week.

Improvements and fixes

June 30, 2023

Improvements and fixes

June 23, 2023

Announcing Workflows with Dynamic boxes

Workflows with Dynamic boxes

Sending one and the same products repeatedly in a subscription is not only limiting for merchants, but also monotonous for subscribers. This is the so-called subscription fatigue, which sooner or later ends up with churn. If merchants want to maintain high retention rates across the subscriber lifecycle, they need to shift toward more personalized and varied subscription experience.

Our biggest announcement so far, Subscription Workflows help merchants transition from generic, one-fits-all subscription offers to dynamic and contextual subscription workflows. Using workflows, merchants can set up and gradually adjust what subscribers get with each subscription order, based on the items they’ve subscribed to, the current number of renewals, and even individual subscribers’ characteristics.

Starting from this week, merchants can set up their own Dynamic boxes. This is also the first stepping stone for Workflows — a new core feature in Juo that will allow to build personalized and adaptive subscription experiences with total flexibility and automation.

Using product purchase as a trigger and applying a set of pre-defined conditions and actions, merchants can use Dynamic boxes to craft unique SKU swapping sequences, build starter kit + replenishment offers, or add free products or extra discounts to subscriptions for increased loyalty and retention.

And applying subscriber tags for segmentation, they can even adjust the content of subscriptions orders based on subscriber segments, so that subscribers with different sets of tags will also receive different products. The entire workflow can be set up and customized in the Dynamic boxes tab in the main menu.

Improvements and fixes

June 16, 2023

Launching: Subscription Analytics

Subscription Analytics

A quick pulse-check of the main subscription metrics may allow merchants to assess if they are at a profit. But to craft a long-term subscription strategy and assess its effectiveness, they will need much more insight than that.

That’s why we’re launching a Subscription Analytics dashboard that enables merchants to go a layer deeper and observe how their subscription KPIs grow over time.

Top-level metrics, like revenue, retention, or number of active subscriptions still give merchants a clear idea of how their subscription offering is faring. But then, they can track the progress day by day, month by month or year by year, either in broad or by focusing on a narrower date range to get a more detailed picture.

They can also zoom in on subscription-oriented metrics, and see how their volume of active and retained subscriptions increases with every subscription cycle. There are a few product-oriented metrics as well to easily check which SKUs are doing the best subscription-wise — and an Activity log for a quick glance into the recent subscription activity. To see these changes, just log in to Juo and open the new Dashboard.

Improvements and fixes

June 09, 2023

Handling out-of-stock items

Handling out-of-stock-items

When the volume of subscription orders rapidly increases, both merchants and their subscribers need more robust ways to handle subscriptions with out-of-stock items.

The merchants can now allow for subscriptions to renew, regardless of whether or not they contain out-of-stock items, or wait until the out-of-stock items are available again. To choose one of the two options, go to Settings → Inventory.

The subscribers are also getting more control over their subscriptions with out-of-stock items. Whenever their subscription fails to renew due to availability issues, they will get an out-of-stock notification email, prompting them to swap or remove the said item(s) from their subscriptions. (To turn on this notification and adjust the content go to Settings → Email templates)

After the swap or removal is confirmed, the subscription will automatically renew. The subscribers will also be able to check if their subscriptions contain out-of-stock items and how this affects their subscription renewals in the Customer Portal.

Improvements and fixes

June 02, 2023

Introducing variable discounts

Variable discounts

New discount features have been on our roadmap for some time now, but requests from merchants made us ship them faster. On top of fixed discounts for subscription orders, we’re now adding a completely new type: variable discounts. This new feature allows merchants to add percent-off discounts that will increase (or decrease) after a given number of subscription cycles. In the MVP version, the merchants can choose the initial and the updated discount and the number of orders before it’s updated.

The discount amount and the interval can both be set up during selling plan creation, under Discounts. For greater control, the enhanced version will also allow to specify how much the discount should increase or decrease with each subscription order (to be launched soon).

Improvements and fixes

May 26, 2023

Launching subscriber retention flow

Retention Flow

Keeping retention rates high is at the core of any successful subscription brand. The new retention flow in Juo helps delight and retrieve a hesitant subscriber who attempts to cancel their subscription. Merchants can choose how to handle cancellation requests and combat churn by offering a one-time, n-time, or a permanent discount to subscribers, who can then keep their subscriptions with an extra % off. The discount and the message that goes with it can be set up in the Settings tab, under Retention.

New Customer Portal customizations

The subscriber-facing side of Juo got a major revamp and now it adjusts itself automatically to the storefront design. The keep things even more flexible for merchants, we’re giving them full control over the look and feel and the management options available in the Customer Portal.

Following this update, the merchants can further adjust the colors and style of key UI elements (like buttons or inputs). They can also decide which actions should be available to their subscribers, turning on or off product, delivery, and subscription management options in the Customer Portal. To adjust them, go to Subscription settings → Customer Portal.

Improvements and fixes

May 19, 2023

Revamping the Customer Portal

New Customer Portal

The number of subscribers who manage their subscriptions in Juo has grown a lot in the past few weeks. How they can do it impacts the subscriber experience directly, so the quality here cannot be compromised. That’s why we’re introducing a sleeker, mobile-first Customer Portal, which makes subscription management more streamlined and more intuitive than ever.

This brand new design is also brand compliant, which means the merchants don’t have to worry about matching the look and feel to their storefronts. The color scheme and fonts will just adjust to their current themes automatically.

More management options in the Merchant Portal

We’re pushing further with the new additions to the Merchant Portal that add another layer of information around the payments and dunning. Now, merchants will always be able to see if and when the payment went through thanks to handy statuses that display right under the payment method in the subscription details view. If it didn’t go through, they will also see the date of the next retry and current retry attempts. The next step? More flexibility and control over the dunning flow.

With the new update, the merchants can also generate a link to the Customer Portal log into it as any of their subscribers. Thanks to that, they can not only preview what their subscribers are seeing when they log in, but also will be able to help them with some more advanced settings or requests.

Improvements and fixes

May 12, 2023

Improvements and fixes

May 05, 2023

Merchant Portal redesign

We’re going live with a new Merchant Portal design: more polished, more modern, and bringing all the key subscription information to the fore. The product list is not at the top, right where the merchants need it for straightforward product and discount management. The shipping method and subscription cycle information are laid out in separate boxes under the products to make tracking and editing less of a fuss.

The merchants will now also find the subscription cost and total lifetime value right under the subscription ID — so they’re always in the know about how well individual subscriptions fare in terms of LTV. To see all these new additions, just navigate to the Subscriptions tab and open any selected subscription.

Improvements and fixes

April 28, 2023

Custom selling plans and notes

We’re adding more flexibility to manage existing subscriptions this week. Merchants can now set custom selling plans with individualized delivery intervals for each subscriber.

Also, merchants can now add notes to each subscription, e.g. special customer request or important information to remember about. Anything that matters to improve subscriber experience. Notes will be automatically added to all subsequent orders.

Improvements and fixes

April 21, 2023

Public app status

Today, we’re excited to announce that after an unsurprisingly smooth review, Juo has become a public app on the Shopify App Store. Still in beta, still working in stealth with selected merchants, hence still temporarily unlisted, but officially public. The new status will allow us to ship new platform features faster and in a much more convenient way for merchants.

New discounts options for merchants

Treating each subscriber individually is key to retention. With Juo’s new functionality merchants can now add discounts at the subscription level. Discounts can be applied once, several times, or permanently for a given subscription or particular products in it. This option can also be used to grant subscribers a free product—simply add a product to the subscription with a 100% discount.

Improvements and fixes

April 14, 2023

Improvements and fixes

April 7, 2023

Managing multi-subscription customers

For larger stores with multiple subscription orders, tracing these orders back to individual subscribers can be a real hurdle. We’re now making it easier for merchants to get an overview and manage their multi-subscription customers under the new “Subscribers” tab. The tab contains a list of all subscribers, along with the number of active subscriptions they have, and their current status.

The merchants can also display and update additional deets about each subscriber (like shipping and payment information or their current order info), by clicking the “Manage” link next to each subscriber’s name. To keep these things accessible, the new tab sits right under Dashboard in Juo.

Improvements and fixes

March 31, 2023

Onboarding flow for new merchants

Onboarding flow

We focused more on self-service this week with the new onboarding flow that the merchants can follow to get started with subscriptions without dev assistance. The onboarding flow covers 3 steps that every merchant needs to perform to create a working subscription offer: (1) creating a selling plan, (2) installing the subscription widget on their product page, and (3) adding a link to Manage subscriptions to their login screen.

More tricky steps (2) and (3) are covered in Help articles that are linked under the respective onboarding sections, so if anyone gets stuck, they can watch a how-to video or follow a step-by-step guide to get back on track. Note that the merchants who are already actively selling subscriptions (and so have performed these steps) will not see the onboarding. New merchants will find it on the Dashboard.

Improvements and fixes

March 24, 2023

New ways to adjust products in subscription

This week we’re adding more flexibility and ease to how merchants and subscribers can manage their active subscriptions. With this update, both groups can easily change the number of products in subscription with just one click and the remove and swap functionalities for the subscribed products are now easily accessible from the subscription details view in the Customer and Merchant Portals.

The swap functionality got a major upgrade, too — and now uses product suggestions on top of the classic search. Whenever the merchant or subscriber wants to swap a product, different variants of this product are being suggested to make the replacement easier. The product tiles under swap now also show more information about the product variant, quantity and price, so there’s no doubts about what’s being changed for what and how this affects the price.

More flexible handling out-of-stock items

So far, subscriptions would only automatically renew if they contained no out-of-stock items. For out-of-stock items, renewals attempts were made for 3 months, followed with a cancellation. Now, the merchants who experience frequent stock fluctuations can decide if they want to let subscriptions with out-of-stock items renew automatically, or not. To enable this feature, just check “Renew when products out of stock” under Settings. Once it’s active, the subscriptions containing out-of-stock items will be renewed and charged according to the billing plan, and then processed and shipped by the merchants independently as the missing items become available again.

Improvements and fixes

March 17, 2023

Improvements and fixes

March 10, 2023

Enabling no-code widget customization

To make the subscription experience seamlessly integrate with the merchants’ storefront, we’re adding more customization options to the subscriptions widget. Some examples: background and text color, font weights, purchase option labels, and even the USP messaging. In order to start customizing, simply go to the Shopify theme editor and add the new widget to the product page.

On top of that, the widget now loads up and operates much quicker, so it’s always there when the subscribers need it!

Improvements and fixes

March 3, 2023

New: Cart subscriptions

We’ve got something cool for merchants looking to boost LTV this week. Cart subscriptions make it super simple for customers to buy all their cart items at the same time in subscription.

To activate this feature, simply add the Subscribe Cart widget next to, under, or above the Checkout button to the Cart page template. Once active, customers will see a “Turn into subscription” checkbox and will be able to turn their cart content into a recurring order. And now they’re no longer customers, they’re subscribers.

Improvements and fixes

February 24, 2023

Local delivery and pickup for subscriptions

Flexible shipping options can make or break a subscription, so we’re tackling some of the delivery challenges this week, by making local pickup and local delivery functions available for subscriptions.

Thanks to local pickup, merchants can define additional, local pickup points, where subscribers can pick up their subscription orders quicker and more conveniently. With local delivery, merchants can also specify the entire areas to which they deliver, based on a distance from their location or on area codes. Both can be set up in Shopify settings and will now also work for subscriptions.

Subscribers can edit shipping methods

In the spirit of making Subscribers’ lives easier, we’re now giving them the possibility to modify their current subscription delivery method. If your Subscriber wants to change their pickup point or go from, say, InPost to DHL, they can easily do so via the Customer portal (provided that both options are available, of course). That’s more freedom for them, less hassle for you.

Improvements and fixes

February 17, 2023

Post-cancellation flow

We’ve been working on the post-cancellation email flow this past week, improving the subscribers’ experience and putting the merchants more in control. Now, when a subscriber chooses to cancel their subscription, they will automatically receive a confirmation email. When it’s the merchant who cancels, they can choose to either send the confirmation email to the subscriber, or not. The update is available for all merchants automatically, but you can adjust the email behavior in Settings.

Improvements and fixes

February 10, 2023

New subscriber login view

New login view

The Customer Portal login screen got a slight design revamp. Thanks to the latest adjustments, it looks more subtle and is more compliant with the store branding, even without any additional customizations.

More detailed membership listing

For merchants who like a quick overview of how their subscriptions perform, the listing view for Memberships now features a few extra deets to help them stay on top of everything:

Improvements and fixes

February 3, 2023

Improvements and fixes

January 27, 2023

Minimum required renewals

To prevent subscribers from cancelling their subscriptions too quickly, merchants can set up a minimum number of renewals to take place before a subscription can be modified. So, subscribers and merchants will only be able to cancel, pause, or skip a subscription after it has been renewed at least so many times.

Improvements and fixes

January 20, 2023

New logo is here!

New logo

Over the past weeks our design team has been working on the new brand and… Many brainstorms, discussions, and design reviews later, we finally have a logo that captures the feeling and essence of Juo. To the Moon!

Improvements and fixes

January 13, 2023

Better subscription management for merchants

Merchant Portal got a massive update to help merchants search and navigate their subscriptions with ease. Subscription list view now shows more deets and customer info is available right from the Merchant Portal.

Improvements and fixes

January 6, 2023

New in: Tiered discounts

With Tiered discounts, merchants can offer discounts based on the number of products currently in cart. The more products the customers buy, the bigger discount they will receive.

Improvements and fixes

December 30, 2022

Customizable email notifications

To make subscriber communication on-brand, merchants can edit the content and visuals in email notifications. Merchants can choose between Polish and English language versions and adjust either of them to their needs.

Depending on their subscription flow, merchants can also turn on or off individual notifications for subscriptions, renewals, cancellations, and payments.

Improvements and fixes

December 23, 2022

Premium memberships (a.k.a. Clubs)

With Memberships, merchants can build their own premium clubs (similar to Amazon Prime or Allegro Smart) with free deliveries or discounts as the main incentives. Except for custom implementations, we’re pretty sure you won’t find this feature anywhere else!

Improvements and fixes

December 16, 2022

More freedom to edit subscriptions

Except for adding and removing products from subscriptions, merchants can also swap products within a subscription (one condition: both the old and the new product have to be in the same selling plan).

Subscribers can change, remove, or add products to their subscription entirely on their own in the Customer Portal.

Automatic tagging for subscription orders

All subscription orders will now automatically receive a subscription_* tag to help merchants search, filter, and analyze how their subscriptions perform. Tags can also be used to create targeted, subscriber-only marketing campaigns.

Improvements and fixes

December 9, 2022

Subscriber-scheduled renewals

Rather than skipping a replenishment, subscribers can now just pick a different date for their next subscription renewal. Convenient! They can also change the delivery frequency, choosing one of the alternative frequencies available for their subscription.

Improvements and fixes

December 2, 2022

Flexible login options for subscribers

Subscribers have more flexibility logging into their customer accounts. They can choose between a code sent to their email, social sign-in with Google, or Facebook. If subscribers are logged in to their customer account already, they can just go directly to their subscription settings from there — no additional login is required.

Full Polish language support

For Polish-speaking merchants and subscribers out there, Polish is now fully supported on the storefront and in email notifications. The language used is based on the language settings in Shopify.

Improvements and fixes