What’s next

March 24, 2023

New ways to adjust products in subscription

This week we’re adding more flexibility and ease to how merchants and subscribers can manage their active subscriptions. With this update, both groups can easily change the number of products in subscription with just one click and the remove and swap functionalities for the subscribed products are now easily accessible from the subscription details view in the Customer and Merchant Portals.

The swap functionality got a major upgrade, too — and now uses product suggestions on top of the classic search. Whenever the merchant or subscriber wants to swap a product, different variants of this product are being suggested to make the replacement easier. The product tiles under swap now also show more information about the product variant, quantity and price, so there’s no doubts about what’s being changed for what and how this affects the price.

More flexible handling out-of-stock items

So far, subscriptions would only automatically renew if they contained no out-of-stock items. For out-of-stock items, renewals attempts were made for 3 months, followed with a cancellation. Now, the merchants who experience frequent stock fluctuations can decide if they want to let subscriptions with out-of-stock items renew automatically, or not. To enable this feature, just check “Renew when products out of stock” under Settings. Once it’s active, the subscriptions containing out-of-stock items will be renewed and charged according to the billing plan, and then processed and shipped by the merchants independently as the missing items become available again.

Improvements and fixes

March 17, 2023

Improvements and fixes

March 10, 2023

Enabling no-code widget customization

To make the subscription experience seamlessly integrate with the merchants’ storefront, we’re adding more customization options to the subscriptions widget. Some examples: background and text color, font weights, purchase option labels, and even the USP messaging. In order to start customizing, simply go to the Shopify theme editor and add the new widget to the product page.

On top of that, the widget now loads up and operates much quicker, so it’s always there when the subscribers need it!

Improvements and fixes

March 3, 2023

New: Cart subscriptions

We’ve got something cool for merchants looking to boost LTV this week. Cart subscriptions make it super simple for customers to buy all their cart items at the same time in subscription.

To activate this feature, simply add the Subscribe Cart widget next to, under, or above the Checkout button to the Cart page template. Once active, customers will see a “Turn into subscription” checkbox and will be able to turn their cart content into a recurring order. And now they’re no longer customers, they’re subscribers.

Improvements and fixes

February 24, 2023

Local delivery and pickup for subscriptions

Flexible shipping options can make or break a subscription, so we’re tackling some of the delivery challenges this week, by making local pickup and local delivery functions available for subscriptions.

Thanks to local pickup, merchants can define additional, local pickup points, where subscribers can pick up their subscription orders quicker and more conveniently. With local delivery, merchants can also specify the entire areas to which they deliver, based on a distance from their location or on area codes. Both can be set up in Shopify settings and will now also work for subscriptions.

Subscribers can edit shipping methods

In the spirit of making Subscribers’ lives easier, we’re now giving them the possibility to modify their current subscription delivery method. If your Subscriber wants to change their pickup point or go from, say, InPost to DHL, they can easily do so via the Customer portal (provided that both options are available, of course). That’s more freedom for them, less hassle for you.

Improvements and fixes

February 17, 2023

Post-cancellation flow

We’ve been working on the post-cancellation email flow this past week, improving the subscribers’ experience and putting the merchants more in control. Now, when a subscriber chooses to cancel their subscription, they will automatically receive a confirmation email. When it’s the merchant who cancels, they can choose to either send the confirmation email to the subscriber, or not. The update is available for all merchants automatically, but you can adjust the email behavior in Settings.

Improvements and fixes

February 10, 2023

New subscriber login view

New login view

The Customer Portal login screen got a slight design revamp. Thanks to the latest adjustments, it looks more subtle and is more compliant with the store branding, even without any additional customizations.

More detailed membership listing

For merchants who like a quick overview of how their subscriptions perform, the listing view for Memberships now features a few extra deets to help them stay on top of everything:

Improvements and fixes

February 3, 2023

Improvements and fixes

January 27, 2023

Minimum required renewals

To prevent subscribers from cancelling their subscriptions too quickly, merchants can set up a minimum number of renewals to take place before a subscription can be modified. So, subscribers and merchants will only be able to cancel, pause, or skip a subscription after it has been renewed at least so many times.

Improvements and fixes

January 20, 2023

New logo is here!

New logo

Over the past weeks our design team has been working on the new brand and… Many brainstorms, discussions, and design reviews later, we finally have a logo that captures the feeling and essence of Juo. To the Moon!

Improvements and fixes

January 13, 2023

Better subscription management for merchants

Merchant Portal got a massive update to help merchants search and navigate their subscriptions with ease. Subscription list view now shows more deets and customer info is available right from the Merchant Portal.

Improvements and fixes

January 6, 2023

New in: Tiered discounts

With Tiered discounts, merchants can offer discounts based on the number of products currently in cart. The more products the customers buy, the bigger discount they will receive.

Improvements and fixes

December 30, 2022

Customizable email notifications

To make subscriber communication on-brand, merchants can edit the content and visuals in email notifications. Merchants can choose between Polish and English language versions and adjust either of them to their needs.

Depending on their subscription flow, merchants can also turn on or off individual notifications for subscriptions, renewals, cancellations, and payments.

Improvements and fixes

December 23, 2022

Premium memberships (a.k.a. Clubs)

With Memberships, merchants can build their own premium clubs (similar to Amazon Prime or Allegro Smart) with free deliveries or discounts as the main incentives. Except for custom implementations, we’re pretty sure you won’t find this feature anywhere else!

Improvements and fixes

December 16, 2022

More freedom to edit subscriptions

Except for adding and removing products from subscriptions, merchants can also swap products within a subscription (one condition: both the old and the new product have to be in the same selling plan).

Subscribers can change, remove, or add products to their subscription entirely on their own in the Customer Portal.

Automatic tagging for subscription orders

All subscription orders will now automatically receive a subscription_* tag to help merchants search, filter, and analyze how their subscriptions perform. Tags can also be used to create targeted, subscriber-only marketing campaigns.

Improvements and fixes

December 9, 2022

Subscriber-scheduled renewals

Rather than skipping a replenishment, subscribers can now just pick a different date for their next subscription renewal. Convenient! They can also change the delivery frequency, choosing one of the alternative frequencies available for their subscription.

Improvements and fixes

December 2, 2022

Flexible login options for subscribers

Subscribers have more flexibility logging into their customer accounts. They can choose between a code sent to their email, social sign-in with Google, or Facebook. If subscribers are logged in to their customer account already, they can just go directly to their subscription settings from there — no additional login is required.

Full Polish language support

For Polish-speaking merchants and subscribers out there, Polish is now fully supported on the storefront and in email notifications. The language used is based on the language settings in Shopify.

Improvements and fixes